I didn't sign up for sub-genre [x] but I got an email recommending a book in sub-genre [x], why?

Many books legitimately belong in all kinds of different categories. So, for example, while you may not have signed up for “rough sex” books, you may have signed up for “breeding” books. An author can only submit their book in one category, so they may have decided to put their rough sex + breeding story in the “breeding” category, which would mean it would get sent out to you. Authors are permitted to do this, so long as the breeding aspect of the story is real and it's not just put in the breeding category because there was a space available. If you believe a book has been mis-categorized, then please use the contact page to let us know. I will warn and blacklist authors to make sure our service remains as high-quality as possible for you if I need to.

Also, Shameless Book Deals allows authors/publishers to advertise books priced as free or to request they be a “featured” deal, in either case the books are sent to all subscribers, but the spaces available for these books are limited.

How often do you send out newsletters?

Once a day. Occasionally a newsletter may be sent out regarding news about the website in addition to the daily deals.

Where do I download the free stories? What is the password? It's not working aaaarrrrhghghgh!

When you first sign up with Shameless Book Deals, you are sent an email with a link to confirm your email address. When you click on that link, you are taken to a page where you will be thanked most profusely for subscribing and then sent an email with the password and link for the free story archive. The link and current password will also appear in every Shameless Book Deals newsletter from here on out, starting yesterday.


My book is a trailblazer that spans lots of sub-genres, which one do I pick?

Whichever one you like, as long as your book truly does represent that sub-genre and you're not just choosing it because it's cheaper or there's a space available. Miscategorising stories will make me very sad.

What is a featured listing?

If your book is selected for a featured listing, it will go at the top of the newsletter and it will also go out to all subscribers regardless of their sub-genre selections. Since there is only one of these per newsletter, the competition is heavy. Only the books that are presented to the highest possible standard will be selected for this feature, so keep that in mind when making the request. If you request the featured listing, but are only accepted for a regular listing, the invoice you paid will be refunded to you and a new invoice, if applicable, will be generated.