2020 “Year of the Salmon” Promotion! 17

To celebrate the killing of bugs, the transfer of our sites to a new webhost and not least of all, the return of our Head Salmon from a well-earned break, I'd like to let you all know about a promotion I hope will pique the interest of both authors/publishers and the readers that make this whole thing work!


For the week of 17-23 of February, all pen names scheduled for a promotion with Shameless Book Deals will be able to be voted upon as the readers’ favorite.

Prizes as follows!

1st $100 in Amazon Gift Cards and $250 in Shameless Book Deals credit.

2nd $100 in Shameless Book Deals Credit

3rd $50 in Shameless Book Deals credit

Shameless Book Deals credit will expire at the end of 2020 (the year of the salmon), and any promotion requests using the Shameless Book Deals credit will be subject to the standard moderation process and our newsletter submission guidelines.  A maximum of only 70 pen names can be promoted in any given week, so that’s not bad odds, eh?  I’m expecting some promotion requests for books in the less-often promoted categories like Medical and Western!  (Those are 2 sub-genres not 1.  What is Medical and Western?  Spit some chewin’ tobacca’ on it?)

Voting will be open to subscribers to the Shameless Book Deals newsletter, and votes from non-subscribed people will be deleted before the final count.


What’s in it for the readers?  Every eligible person who votes will receive an electronic copy of all donated stories (keep an eye on the promotion page below for a full list of stories), and go into the draw to win:

1st $100 Amazon Gift Cards

2nd $50 Amazon Gift Cards

3-10th $10 Amazon Gift Cards

Voting will open from the moment the promotion week is completely booked out, or from Feb 16th, whichever comes first.  Shameless Book Deals subscribers will be notified about the voting opening at that point, and voting will be open until Feb 29th, when we’ll go through the process of double-checking the voters, announcing the winners and sending out prizes!


Already get our newsletter each day?  No worries, your vote will be valid!  Please vote only once.  Duplicates and non-subscribed votes will be removed.

Not subscribed yet?  Do so here.

Every Valid Vote Gets These Books!

(check back as new books are added)

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