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Wrong Room by Scarlett Skyes

sleep sex, bareback, barely legal

After a late night at the movies, John comes home to find one of his little sister’s sorority friends passed out in his bed after a heavy night of drinking. Looks like she’s ended up in the wrong room and he’ll have to find somewhere else to sleep. Maybe he could have a little fun first though…

Warning: This 4600 word story contains explicit descriptions of college sex between a young man and a passed out blonde sorority girl and somnophilia themes including sleeping sex and sleeping oral. John also has a difficult decision to make… where should he blow his load? This story is intended for Adults Only and the author does not condone such actions out in the real world.

Excerpt: “…I silently mouthed ‘wow’ as her lower body came into view, Hannah’s legs were long, toned and tanned, ending in cute little feet with tiny pink-painted toenails. I slowly ran my hand inside one of her thighs, starting at the knee and working my way almost to where her panties provided a final and, I judged, ineffective last defence of her little pussy.

Hannah’s panties were pristine white with a little red love heart over her mound and a pink bow at the top on the waistband as if her pussy was a present, a gift to be cherished. The elastic material clung to her every curve, providing me just a hint of the folds of her pussy lips beneath. With a single finger, I slid along that crease in her panties, feeling the heat of her sex radiating through, calling me like a moth to the flame…”


Aunt Laura's Taboo Visit by Saffron Daughter

Pseudo-Incest Aunt Nephew

Age won't dull her drive… for the taboo!

Laura Cooper's fast approaching middle-age, but time hasn't robbed her of her urges, nor her adventurousness. She's always had the hots for Mark, even though she's twice as old as him, and even though she's not supposed to because it's simply too taboo.

But when she contrives to visit him, she knows she's in for a hot and forbidden tryst!

This forbidden taboo story contains themes of illicit love and lust, themes that some readers may not be ready for. As regulations prohibit me from being specific, please click “Look Inside” for a succinct summary of the contents of this story.


Belonging to Daddy by Saffron Daughter

Pseudo-Incest Daddy Daughter BDSM

She trusts him… because he raised her…

Jessica knows who she belongs to, and she loves that she does. The man of her house loves her and protects her. He pleasures her and satisfies her.

Only this time, he's introduced someone else into the mix, someone new. Jessica's never been shared before, but she's excited to find out what it will be like…

This forbidden and taboo tale contains BDSM elements, as well as m/f/f intimacy. There are taboo themes in this story.


Knocked Up: Michelle by Saffron Daughter

Pseudo-Incest Brother Sister Breeding

She peeks at him while he's in the shower… and he catches her!

Michelle grew up with Gary – they are very close. So it's no surprise that she's always around his house. But she's got a taboo longing for him – he's hot and hunky, and he cares about her. One night, when drinking with him, she just can't help herself. She peeks at him while he's taking a shower, but she's caught! Will he forgive her, and give in to his own forbidden and illicit lust?


Motherly Pleasures by Saffron Daughter

Pseudo-Incest Mother Son

Sometimes the taboo pleasures arrive unexpectedly…

Catherine isn't expecting Anthony, the boy she raised and watched turn into a handsome and athletic young man, to visit her. But when he rings her doorbell, obviously distressed, she's worried, and sits him down to chat.

He tells her that he's just broken up with his girlfriend, and Catherine sympathizes. But then he tells her that he's secretly in love with her, and Catherine is shocked. Not because of how inappropriate it is, but because she secretly harbors taboo feelings for him, too…


Stealing Daddy by Saffron Daughter

Pseudo-Incest Daddy Daughter

She's going to steal him from his wife…

Mara is an unsatisfied young woman. She's in love with the man of her house, but denies it even to herself. She tries to fill that void by sleeping with anybody she can find, but she finds little satisfaction there.

Mara decides she's had enough, and she admits everything to the man of her house. She tells him she wants him, that he's always taken care of her, and that she needs his love. But will he reciprocate? Will he give in to those temptations, to that illicit love, that he's felt for over a decade?

And what will his wife think?


Hypnotizing My High School Crush 1: Zoey by Cassandra Zara and Lily Nibs

Dubious Consent Hypnosis

Of all the women in the world, there was only one I still pined for…

After a disappointing four years of high school where I was every girl's doormat, I had discovered a latent talent. Somehow, if I said something with authority, women would do anything for me, in or out of the bedroom. Within my first year of college, I had girls falling all over themselves, in love with me, begging me to sleep with them. Some guys would have stayed up at college and partied all summer, but I returned home for one reason.


I knew Zoey would be home for the summer and I knew she'd be looking for me to be her doormat again. Not any more. Now I had the tools to get her. And I wanted her. I needed her. I needed every bit of her. I would do every thing to her. And when she told me that she wasn't on birth control, I knew I needed to leave a piece of myself with her forever…


A Friendly Competition by Cassandra Zara and Pandora Box

Pseudo-Incest Brother Sister

When my parents suggested we go on vacation as a family to a beach house, I jumped at the chance to work on my tan. However, my trip started to go downhill as soon as Caitlin arrived.

The little brat had grown up since the last time I saw her, and what used to be tiny mosquito bites on her body had grown into a pair of beautiful, luscious breasts. She used those massive tits to tease me at every opportunity. Whether it was a skimpy bikini or a revealing nightgown, she made sure to draw my attention anytime she could.

When my parents left the beach house earlier than expected, it was just the two of us left on our own. Caitlin found a surfer boyfriend, and I found a surfer girlfriend. What started out as a friendly competition to spark some jealousy turned into an all out war as both of us tried to outdo the other. And when I said that my girlfriend's boobs were bigger than hers, that was the final thing I needed to get her to open up to me. After getting the brat to do everything I wanted to me, I let her know that I wouldn't be wearing a condom as I fucked her silly. I'd be coming deep inside her, filling her up with an impregnating creampie!

3 Bosses 2CoverARE

3 Bosses Taking Miss Clark by Jenny Jeans

Gangbang/Menage, Dubious Consent, BDSM

Miss Clark tries to hide her submissive nature on the job. She's an architect on a new construction site and she needs to act with authority.

Teo thinks his job site architect, Miss Clark, is a mean witch and he becomes so furious with her that he threatens to pull off the job, and take all his men with him. Miss Clark begs him to stay. The price? Teo demands a bj and is amazed when Miss Clark lowers to her knees to give him one. But that's not all, the foreman finds out, then her banker.

Can she satisfied them all or will they take her to the ends of wickedness?

Cover 4 Bosses Two ARE

Four Bosses Training Miss Bennett by Jenny Jeans

Gangbang/Menage, BDSM

Miss Bennett believes one of her bosses has dominating urges he's not admitting, but her submissive urges cannot seem to ignore. Temptation is too great and she steps over the line.

But she never expected to become the sexual office slave for her four bosses.


Rough Sex for the Sleeping Birthday Girl by Scarlett Skyes

Rough Sex, Sleep Sex, Dubious Consent, Pseudo Incest, Daddy Daughter, Barely Legal

Peter has been used to sharing his birthday with his step-daughter Samantha for the past decade since he married her mother, but when he turns thirty-eight and she turns eighteen, it seems like his special day has been completely forgotten.

He's just about to call it a night when a knock on the door reveals a passed out Samantha reeking of vodka. As hard as he tries to fight it, he can't help but to keep on being drawn one step further by Samantha's flawless body and what starts out as an incidental grope quickly progresses to the hardest fuck the petite blonde girl has ever had, asleep or awake, and Peter isn't going to stop giving it to her rough and bareback with his huge cock until he's good and finished.

Jackie McNab - Temp Job - Biker Bar Waitress

Temp Job – Biker Bar Waitress

Rough Sex, Biker, Group Sex

Laura is at the end of her rope. She will lose her apartment if she does not pay four months back rent by the end of the month so she takes a temp job as a waitress in a seedy biker bar.

She soon comes to realize that the job entails a lot more than waitressing when she is instructed to give the big biker dudes anything and everything they ask for.

Scared and confused at first, she soon gives in to the overwhelming lust she feels as she submits to the group of hot men completely.

Dr. Ellis' Marvellous Medicine by Ava Brat

Virgin, Barely Legal, Daddy, Daughter, Sleep Sex, Dubious Consent

Dr. Ellis has cracked the code!  He's developed the perfect general anesthetic, the patients will sleep through ANYTHING!  Dr. Ellis' first port of call is with his step-daughter, Lily.  After giving her a dose, she heads off to bed and then her Daddy subjects her to… uh… a range of stimuli.  For science of course!

Daddy Does it All! by Ava Brat

Virgin, Barely Legal, Daddy, Daughter

Ursula is turning into quite the Skater-girl! When her step-daddy Xavier reveals that he knows a thing or two about the sport, it provides an opportunity for them to get closer than ever before!

Horny Nutter and the Podium Power Play by Scarlett Skyes

Parody, Barely Legal, Paranormal, Exhibitionism, Public Oral Sex

Horny Nutter has never been a fan of public speaking, but now he has to deliver a speech to the entire school. You'd think that after dealing with the revelation that monsters and magic are all real this wouldn't be a problem, but his nerves are getting the better of him. Fortunately his mysteriously dedicated and loving girlfriend Emma is there with the perfect plan to calm his nerves and maybe even win him a vote or two for class president!

Worked Out by the Man of the House by Shameless Book Deals (Shameless Book Bundles #35)

Pseudo-incest, Barely Legal, Breeding, Virgin, Older Man Younger Woman

And thrust, 2, 3, 4 grind, 2, 3, 4… feel the burn of His hard love!

These ten perfect little princesses all have men of the house who are legends in the fitness industry. A lifetime of pumping… er… iron has left them in prime physical condition for such things as… uh… teaching pouty brats how to work out!


1. Temptation of the House by Ada Brat
2. Dangerous Daddy by Eliza DeGaulle
3. Hiding in Plain Sight by Helen Blau
4. Influenced by Daddy by Amy Brat
5. Elena’s Grand Opening by Emily Gladden
6. Legally Daddy’s by Eliza DeGaulle
7. Being VERY Friendly with Mom’s ‘New Friend’ by Laurel Fowler
8. Thrust, 2, 3, 4! by Amanda Foley
9. Into the Wilderness with Daddy by Christine JohnsoN
10. Daddy’s New Prize by Ava Brat

Submit to Man House 3D 600x900

Sequels to all the stories in the Submit to the Man of the House Boxed Set!

Daddy Daughter, Rough Sex, Breeding, Barely Legal, Virgin

These sequels are all exclusive to Shameless Book Deals, and all follow on from the featured stories in Submit to the Man of the House. It's another TEN stories all about men of the house who take more than a fatherly interest in their newly legal step-daughters. It's time for Daddy to make a new family.

Featuring stories from Scarlett Skyes, Cecilia Lawrence, Karly Dalton, Candy Quinn, Jade K. Scott, Thrust, Sasha Shivers, Saffron Sands, Lance Greencastle and Lenore Love, you are in for a real treat!