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$FREE on 7/15/2017 – Drilled by Daddy’s Best Friend by Arilyn Abbott

She knew Wyatt Byron. She knew Wyatt Byron well. Wyatt Byron was her dad's best friend since forever. He was basically family to her. Not quite family though, because she had always loved him, or at the very least, lusted for him. She'd had a crush on him since she was a little girl. She discovered her sexuality one hot August afternoon when she was in the bathtub and could see him working shirtless on the roof of the barn. Her dad was up there too. Somehow the danger just added to the excitement.
And here he was again. But now he was a wealthy oil tycoon. And this time she was going to get drilled.

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$0.99 on 6/22/2017 – Knights of Stone: Mason by Lisa Carlisle

Few have ever dared to cross the boundaries–until now…

With a quarter century of burning hatred between the inhabitants of the Isle of Stone, Kayla knows all too well it is forbidden to cross boundaries. But that doesn’t keep her from being sorely tempted.
Drawn to discover the secrets beyond the tree witches' forest, Kayla is intrigued by the talk of unconventional rock concerts in gargoyle territory.
But when she risks everything to sneak away from the coven, she never expects to return night after night, not just for the music, but for one particular gargoyle who captured her heart with his guitar.
Nor did she expect that her attention had not gone unnoticed…
With plans to seduce the pixie-like female, Mason spent several nights keeping a watchful eye on his prize, unaware she’s not just a passing visitor. But when he discovers she’s a tree witch, an enemy to his entire kind, Mason knows that anything between them would be forbidden. No matter how strong the temptation…
But other elements command their attention.
Something much more dangerous haunts the wolf shifters of the isle. With the magic veil thinning there will be blood… and the full moon is coming.

Knights of Stone: Mason is the first book in a unique shifter romance with a Highland touch and a hard hit of rock romance, If you like hot men in kilts, dark paranormal thrills, and forbidden love, then you’ll be hooked by the Highland Gargoyles Series!

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$0.99 on 12/20/2016 – Shifter Joy by Kit Tunstall, Kit Fawkes, J. M. Klaire, Ffion Rivers, Ava Hunt

This collection includes five stories of shifter love and babies from USA Today bestselling authors J.M. Klaire and Kit Fawkes, along with Ffion Rivers and Ava Hunt. It's only available for 90 days!

In Guardian Cougar, cougar-shifter Jackson protects Hannah while she regains her memory after rescuing her from the ocean. The father of her baby is a mystery, but Jackson soon loves them both.

In Leopard Print Love, Callie and leopard-shifter Wade rely on each other after their plane crashes on a desert island.

In Running Bear, Gillian and bear-shifter Wyatt fight for their future and freedom while running from the black ops group that wants them dead.

In Secret Baby for the Bear Shifter, bear-shifter Brian discovers his best friend and former lover had his child ten years ago. Can Brian be the father his cub needs, and the man Lisette deserves?

In Bear Emotion, Sally and bear-shifter Jake work together to protect two secret babies from a dangerous shifter while resisting the urge to take a second chance on their love.

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Light His Fire

One snarky diva + One cocky dragon + Two egos that just won't mesh = A blazing fire that just can't be contained!

Pearl Mae Landon's been on the search for her place in life. Now, she thinks she's finally found it. The curvy waitress-turned-entrepreneur is determined to make a future for herself that doesn't include scrubbing someone else's tables. She won't let anything block her path. Unless it's a scorching-hot dragon who refuses to budge.

Ares Goldplains has lived his days in the shadows of his older brothers. Now, it's time to come out into the light. First step? Snag that sexy woman with the burning attitude and mouthwatering body! But Ares wasn't prepared to fall head-first in love. When he isn't the only one doing the falling, he needs to make some fast choices. Keep up the trailblazing act or let his true colors shine?

Maybe burning the bridges is just the thing they need to do to make a new start…