$0.99 on 8/26/2019 – BILLIONAIRE DADDY POP by B Prince

I want to try something new.”

You know me.
Oh yes you do
You watch my videos
I am huge in the industry
And huge in other ways
But you don’t know it all
There’s something about her curvy perfection
I can’t keep my eyes off
I only have 24 hours
A lot can happen in 24 hours
That’s all I have
But when she walks
I am watching
When she turns
I narrow my eyes on her
Forget it
I want her and only her
I want her forever

I didn’t think he would be interested in me
But then I let my desires slip out
And what happened next could not have been planned.

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$0.99 on 6/14/2019 – My Sisters Billionaire Husband by B Prince

Titan Reign, Tough Billionaire rockstar. Women love him. Looks like he stepped out of an All American Catalog.

My Sister’s Husband.

I know
It is complicated.
He was mine first.
Screaming his name was not part of the plan!
But then one wild evening changed everything.
I am caught in a mysterious web of mansions, and private billion dollar horses.
I must be crazy for having these feelings for someone off limits.
If she finds out all hell will break loose or will it?

Some things cannot be kept hidden forever!

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$0.99 on 10/28/2017 – Knocked Up by the A List by B Prince, Anastasia Slash

There is a deadline!
The first action makes a difference when falling for the escort…. Do not do it- especially if your dream is to keep your brand new squeaky clean job and not get pregnant

But one glance at Slade Voss, the sexy hot Alpha Male supposedly sent by the agency to Bar One in a Mercedes Maybach, has 21 year old birthday girl and untouched Meghan's head spinning with thoughts of pleasure!

Sex in the club…..
Sex back at her place…..

She can't help herself thinking about how lucky she is to have snagged a hunk for the night and how magical things just might having him between her sheets —- the only exception is his ego

She is well protected or so she thinks until she realizes she is carrying a baby

Her quest now? Find the mystery escort in two weeks! But things are not what they seem to be.

Billionaire Slade Voss finds the mystery woman alluring; focused on his upheaval battle to become a senator after years living the rockstar life; he is amazed that his chance hot sexy encounter with Meghan finds him unable to stop thinking about her until she becomes his, and his alone! After all he was her first, why stop now?

It's just a hook-up, she says.
When can we do it again? he says.

With the clock ticking on making a decision, Meghan knows she can't possibly have a man who is taken or is he? Will she be the one to stand in the way of his ambitions? How will she find him? And is he her forever? Will she run out of time?

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$0.99 on 8/16/2017 – Dirty Mind The Art Of Seduction by B Prince

He is rich extremely rich, strikingly beautiful, a billionaire funk master in the Art of Seduction.
His name? Reign
I wanted him from the moment I saw him walk into the room.
Hot and with Abs. of Steel!
There was something mysterious about his magnetic personality
I desire him
I am untouched.
Fate must have a reason for bringing us together.
He makes me an offer I can’t refuse
But he has one condition
How far will he insist and
Honestly how can I refuse?

HEA standalone steamy billionaire's virgin romance story enjoy!

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$0.99 on 6/4/2017 – CREAMED : THE VIRGIN by B PRINCE

Sade, a broke and untouched 19-year-old Georgetown student is mortified her friend mentions the Girlfriend Experience.

The secret world, filled with older men seeking companionship and sex.

She is unsure if that is what she wants until she meets her music Idol, Rain!

Rain is an eccentric deeply conflicted superstar funkmaster with light and intense hazel eyes.

Rain is gorgeous but dangerous with bouncy ebony hair and a slim build.


I can’t help myself; imagining Rain’s manly abs and firm member within my walls.
But I am untouched and raised by conservative parents.
I dream each and every night about submitting to his desires.
Yes I want him but then he has a penchant for stunning females.
He kissed my girl NIcki, and constantly flirts with Danielle, the girl with the huge breasts and buxom figure.

But is it all that it seems?

Rain is a billionaire, and get this he offered to give me the full girlfriend experience.

But it comes with a price!

Should I submit to his dark desires in exchange for a much needed price that multiplies each day?

I am willing to take a chance!

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$0.99 on 5/11/2017 – DO ME BABY FOREVER by B PRINCE

Can I live inside you?”
“I am most comfortable with you when I am nude, I am the best you will ever meet”

Young untouched student, Denise, is mortified after she gets carried away with her fantasy to bed the most desirable genius musician that ever lived who just so happens to be her bass playing sister’s boss , Reign, she imagines him being the one who makes her a woman. Whatever will he think of her when she tells him her fantasy?

An eccentric funkmaster superstar from the midwest, Reign is small, sexy with flouncy bouncy, ebony hair and a slim figure , a man who finds underwear inconceivable. Denise finds herself unable to stop picturing Reign's manly hips grinding on her, fantasising nightly about submitting to his deepest automatic fantasies.

That summer sister invites her to live with her, she realizes though her sister had the hots for another female in the band, she also wanted the funk master herself. One evening Denise spots Reign flirting with his rumored fiance and Protege, Destiny. Damn that Destiny with her hot body and long legs dressed in black lingerie and black boots. Denise tortures herself with thoughts of Reign roughly . Unbeknownst to her sister, Destiny is determined to have a chance with Reign in his purple tour bus.

Sharon is also unaware the true reason Reign bought Denise a brass bed for the summer.

However one night Reign arrives at Denise’s home to make her fantasy and his come true; Reign excites her senses as he takes her on a BDSM journey on that brass bed and fully tasting all of him. That is when the his fantasy gets deeper, can she handle all he has to offer. What would happen if Sharon finds out her naive sister is now more experienced than she is; will Denise be one of rumored many or will she be the one to tame to the master.

Will Reign leave Destiny the one he molded to be a mirror image of himself or will he have addicted untouched Denise submit to his deepest desire?

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