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Kicked out of her home at seventeen when her father discovers she’s pregnant, Loretta, after a 3 month stint in an Elko whorehouse, heads for the city of Glitz & Glamour—Las Vegas—where she finds work as a drink waitress.
Years later Loretta meets Bobby, a man seventeen years her junior and falls in love.

At first, being with Bobby seems like a dream, but clouds gather from Loretta’s spotty, sometimes sordid past. Feeling burdened by guilt after Bobby asks to marry her, Loretta is no longer able to continue and runs away.
Now on his own, it’s up to Bobby to put the methods Loretta has taught him to practical use. Will he succeed and parlay his new talents into love, wealth and power?

As far as billionaire Stuart Wynne is concerned, Fallon is the girl who got away. While Stuart is preoccupied with another woman, Fallon is swept off her feet by a lowly pit boss. After a whirlwind courtship with the devilishly handsome Dana Allen, Fallon marries him before Stuart even realizes anything’s amiss.

Done deal, right? Maybe, but never count Stuart out. As a master card player, he has yet to play all his cards. Starting at the annual hotel Christmas party, Stewart’s plan unfolds — using money, sexual fantasies and maternal instinct as his tools to drive a wedge between the unsuspecting couple.

Will it succeed? Stuart bets millions it will.

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Spanked by My Gyno Doctor 1: A Medical Humiliating First Time Menage

“Ms. Harris thinks it’s acceptable to climax on my fingers,” he said. “Perhaps a hard spanking will convince her otherwise.”

Jaime's never been to the gyno doctor. She panics thinking about anything medical. And she doesn’t want embarrassing confirmation of her total lack of experience. She refuses to go but her best friend Tina won't take no for an answer. Tina swears it's no big deal. She tells Jaime she'll go with her. She'll hold her hand if she tries to run. She'll hold her hair if she has to puke. Whatever it takes.

Jaime knows she should trust her. But when Dr. Malone’s demeanor turns severe, she fears humiliating punishment. Worse yet, she’s terrified she may end up liking it.