C. A. Francis

$0.99 on 6/17/2019 – The Theatre of Fantasies by C. A. Francis

Galena is a struggling actress who's avoiding her landlord as she can barely pay her rent. She's tempted by a lucrative opportunity to perform in her theatre's erotic play of The King's Ladies. It has the potential to change her life and lead to more work, but there's a downside too. The play's highly sensual in nature, and she would have to let go of her inhibitions to perform on stage. Nothing would be left to the imagination, and she's not sure if she can or wants to do it.

Her boyfriend Damien already performs in the theatre's erotic plays, but their relationship's in turmoil as Galena has learned of his involvement with her once-friend, Tamsin. It's debatable whether it was cheating, but Galena is left feeling lost and uncertain. That is until she accepts Damien's offer to show her the hidden world of passion he knows well and as she soon discovers, nothing will stay the same.

The Theatre of Fantasies is a novella of around 17.5k words. This is a re-edited version and contains some differences from the original edition. Please note, this novella is primarily M/F, and some scenes have more male partners. It contains themes of open relationships, casual sex, possible cheating and exhibitionism.

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