Cassandra Zara

$FREE on 11/26/2020 – Taking the Teen Cookie Girl by Cassandra Zara

After selling my company, I decided to move to a small town and make it mine. Every small business, every elected position, every livelihood owed themselves to me and my money.
And all I asked for was to collect on what was mine from time to time. That included making the young ladies who had become dependent on me truly submissive.
When Sunny, the eighteen year old cookie girl, came around to my house to try to sell me overpriced cookies, I seized on the opportunity to teach her a lesson about sales that she'd never forget. In her short skirt and crop top, she confessed to me that she had never done this before. I had her use her bountiful teen energy for my own desires, in every position I could think of. And when the time came for me to glaze her, I filled her cookie with all the cream that I could!

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$FREE on 5/6/2017 – A Baby for my Billionaire Boss #1 by Annie Young, Cassandra Zara

“I told you not to do that,” he said, a lustful look of intensity in his eyes…

Winthrow Financial. The fastest growing firm on Wall Street, and I had been lucky enough to land a job there right out of college.

Despite being the youngest woman on the floor, I quickly made waves in the company. Even the CEO, Carter Winthrow, took notice of my mathematical skills. When he came to meet me personally, he also took notice of my body as well.

Within days, I was promoted to Carter's personal assistant, second guessing his stock moves and checking his managers' work. While the job itself was fantastic, the best part was getting to work with Carter himself. The suave and sexy billionaire playboy managed to exude charm and confidence every time we spoke. And as I proved myself great at the job again and again, he became more and more comfortable with me.

As I saw him giving to charities and holding his niece, I realized he was the ultimate alpha male. Those strong, chiseled abs and huge arms was all that the “Sexiest Bachelor” lists saw, but I saw the real man. A family man, just waiting for someone to give him that family.

I knew that what I wanted, more than this job, more than a career, more than life itself, was Carter's to give. I would do anything to get Carter to give it to me. And I had a feeling that he felt the same way. He wanted to give me something that would keep us together for the rest of our lives.

A baby.

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Lost Innocence: The Pristine Box Set

100 Book MEGA-Bundle!

The undisputed master of impregnation is back for one last boxed set. Included are one hundred romance and e-romance short stories from Cassandra Zara's career. Sitters, stepbrothers, and inexperienced young ladies are just some of the characters you'll encounter, but every one of them is sexy as hell. Jealousy, love triangles, passion, and obsession all motivate her characters, but the primal urge to procreate is the reason why customers clamored for her work for years. Included are three never-before-published short stories from the “Adonis” series. Additionally, enjoy, “Living My First Cassandra Zara Story”, a pristine and untouched story about a young woman about to enter college who thinks she has learned everything she needs to know about sex from Cassandra Zara's eBooks- until her first time changes it all.

A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother 4

Tessa had said it was an emergency when she called, and she implied that James would invade my privacy in order to keep me from finding out about it. I didn't have a choice but to find a phone that he couldn't listen in on so that she could tell me the information that she had just learned. It had to do with my stepbrother, another woman, and another baby…

When the circumstances behind another woman's pregnancy sounded similar to my own, I began to wonder whether it was a good idea for me to keep seeing him. However, I had to ask him the question, had to hear the truth from his own lips.

When I traveled to Boston to hear his band play, I eagerly waited for a moment alone with him, so that I could put my mind at ease. However, after the show, during the after party at his house, another man took an interest in me. Like just a few weeks ago, I found myself at the mercy of a more forceful individual.

When James found us, and revealed the secret that tied the two men together, would he still protect me? Was I wrong to try and give him the greatest gift of all… a baby?

A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother 3

“This body is just too perfect,” he said, caressing me softly.

I thought it was all over. Despite the evening of passion that we spent together, James had sent me away. I knew that, as soon as I stepped on that plane home to New York, my dream of a relationship with my stepbrother was over.

So imagine my surprise when he stormed into my dorm room, a dark lust in his eyes as he advanced on me.

If not for my roommate Nicole being in the room, I was sure that he would have taken me right there. However, despite his commanding presence, I wasn't quite sure that I was ready to take him back. And with Nicole throwing herself at him, I thought that I could kill both our desires for each other with one slutty stone.

However, when Nicole started to flirt with him at a dance club, I found myself unable to let him go. When he took me back to his hotel, I knew that I could never say no. And even when he said that we couldn't be seen together in public, I wanted him that much more.

After all, would James really be able to push me away after I gave him the gift that I knew he really wanted… a baby?

A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother 2

“You haven't been able to get enough of this ever since you saw me get out of the shower, have you?”

The sexual tension between us had been too much to bear.

In a single moment, everything about my relationship with my billionaire stepbrother changed. When James saw the IOU, when he heard my plan, something within him snapped. He crossed a line, committed acts that society would consider forbidden. I had found out firsthand what had made all those girls moan while we had shared a wall in high school.

I knew there was no going back. I never had thought of him as a brother, and now I never would.

Still, the jerk inside my stepbrother remained. When he sent me to his apartment to wait for him, I obeyed. Every moment that we spent apart, I touched my belly. I thought about our future together if I did become pregnant. And as he took me again and again, the same thought kept racing through my mind.

Would James accept me into his life, especially if I gave him the greatest gift of all… a baby?

I Don’t Like It Gentle: Real Love Leaves Marks! 2

You won't find Casanova in these pages. These alpha males take what is theirs and use their women hard for their own pleasure. Grinding, thrusting, pounding, sweaty, panting-for-air, body-shaking encounters that leave more than a few marks!

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Hopelessly Outnumbered: 10 Stories. 53 Men. 13 Women. You Do The Math

How many could you handle? Two? Three? Seven Well-Hung Billionaires? A dozen muscular athletes? The women in these ten stories are taken hard every which way and just when they think it's over, there's another man who is just beginning. They are left messy, panting and oh so satisfied!

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We Put the Baby in Sitter 2

“I've never kissed a girl before, but kissing you was exactly what I imagined it'd be like…”

Little Charlotte had been nannying for my husband and I for the past few weeks, and we've never enjoyed date night more. Every time she came over, we used her, hard and unprotected, and everyone always left satisfied.

Except this last weekend, she couldn't come. However, she did have a friend who could take her place. Charlotte warned us that this girl was even more naïve and innocent than she was, and that we shouldn't even try to seduce her. I thought that it wouldn't be a problem.

However, when the lovely Emily came over, with her blonde hair and tight, soccer player body, I knew that it would be difficult for us to resist. And when she began to give me a massage, I knew that I had to feel that touch again, and all over. And once my husband saw us exploring each other's bodies, I knew that he would have to take her fertile body, hard and unprotected, even though Emily wasn't on birth control, and fill the virgin up with an impregnating creampie!

We Put the Baby in Sitter

“You did an amazing job with my husband,” I assured her. “Now it’s time for you to learn about what to do to a girl…”

When our usual nanny bailed on us at the last moment, it seemed my husband and I wouldn't be able to go on our date night. It was really too bad, because I wanted him bad. However, my neighbor knew the perfect girl. Little did I know how perfect she would be…

When little Charlotte arrived, I caught my husband doing a once-over of her. I couldn't blame him- with her perky body and cute face, I found myself checking her out as well. Over dinner, my husband reminded me of some wild times we had in college. When we got home, the naïve nanny told me how her boyfriend just broke up with her. I decided to show her exactly what she had to look forward to from boys at college, and also some of the girls…

But once we got started, once we began to explore each other's bodies, and once my husband started to take her fertile body hard and unprotected, I never asked her if she was on birth control…