$0.99 on 8/9/2020 – The Dolly Slutsky Mysteries – Parts 1-5: (Erotic Comedy Mystery) by Lexie Renard

Meet Dolly Slutsky. She’s a vixen, a sleuth, and has more gumption than you’d expect from a bombshell.
5 scorching, seductive stories!

#1 – The Case of the Strip Club Thief
Dolly is so excited to find office space for her new Private Investigation business that she barters for the rent in an extremely enjoyable way – much to the surprise of her burly landlord. Her very first client is concerned that money is going missing from their strip club, so Dolly heads straight to the scene of the crime, and straight under one of the potential suspects. Is the office couch rocking, or is Dolly just doing her job?

#2 – The Mysterious Tequila Affair
Dolly finds a cute hipster to help her with her website, and ends up christening the new bed in his micro-condo. Then she meets a new client who thinks his wife might be having an affair, as she comes home with a special sort of glow. Dolly discovers Tiffany’s version of “ladies night” is far more down and dirty than she expected. Things get even more heated when Peter wants to catch her in the act. Should Dolly charge double for a threesome?

#3 – The Little Minks Minx
Dolly meets up with her new graphic designer, so he can get to know her intimately before he lays out her business cards. Then she meets Kevin – a new client who has fur coats disappearing from his huge storage warehouse. Dolly will need to get up close and personal with the staff to get to the very bottom of this mystery. She always does her best work with her high heels in the air!

#4 – Titillating Tiki Tuesdays
Dolly meets with her new lawyer and is pulled into a meeting room where she must be completely silent. (Not even a giggle, which you know is difficult for her.) This gets her motor running like never before. Then she takes a trip to her local tiki bar The Shore Leave, and stumbles upon a mystery involving a lack of ladies at ladies’ night, strange men, coconut drinks, and eventually a naughty encounter with a policeman. Being on the right side of the law isn’t nearly as hot as being under it.

#5 – The Case of the Missing Orgasm
Dolly records a radio spot, “bartering” with the cute sound engineer Corey. There is a new case to be solved when a band's old tapes disappear. 90s punk band Gimme an Orgasm can’t finish their “Best Of” album without the recordings, and Dolly needs to “finish” as often as possible as she solves this rockin’ new mystery before the band’s big come-back*. A naughty little visit to her new lawyer completes the case, as she gives in to his strange, silent fetish.

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$0.99 on 5/7/2017 – The Shifter’s Detective by T. S. Ryder

What should a detective do when the insanely hot suspect she’s investigating starts kissing her… and more?

Detective Lucy is over the moon. She just got her first undercover assignment. She’s not going to screw this one up. Until she finds herself naked with the shifter she’s meant to investigate.

Levi Bennet and his Coyote pack are not your regular shifters. They live in the bad part of the city, where the police have no power and a shifter must flash his canines to get what he wants. Which Levi, by the way, is happy to do.

But strange things are happening in the city and the Coyotes are held responsible. Soon Lucy and Levi find themselves entangled in a web of danger, lies, and murder.

Can Lucy keep her one-night stand a secret at the police station? What will Levi say when he finds out Lucy’s a cop? And what will Lucy do when she finds out she’s… pregnant with the suspect’s baby?

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Brat: A Pornstar Detective Short

Cindy is a good girl who wants to be bad. She's just turned 18 and is ready to party.

The only problem is her father's lawyers will cut off her trust fund if she misbehaves. They've even got a Private Investigator following her around to ensure she isn't naughty.

Lucky for Cindy, the Private Investigator is Steve Dream, the retired porn star who's starred in over nine hundred adult films. He's loved by women all over the world because he's the nice guy who fucks mean.

All Cindy has to do is catch his attention. And she's got the perfect plan to do it.

BRAT is 7500 words of tight teen princesses taking it hard in the backdoor. It features exhibitionism, public masturbation, a little domination and deep, nasty anal.

INCLUDED is the first chapter of PRIVATE DICK, Steve's first full length adventure.

PLUS get a FREE COPY of NASTY, the story of Steve's first case. Instructions included in the book.

Private Dick: Diary of the Pornstar Detective

I'm Steve Dream. I've starred in over nine hundred adult films, including hit series like ‘Bound and Ganged' and ‘Steve Dream Reams.' Half my fans are women, because they love what I do. I'm the nice guy who fucks mean. I'm the Dream Machine.

Porn made me rich and famous. But when fucking stops being fun, you know you got to quit.

So I'm out. No more Dream Machine.

But just because I'm done with porn doesn't mean porn is done with me.

Turns out there's plenty of work out there for a man with my particular skills.

Husbands want to test their wives. Stepfathers who need to find their errant stepdaughters. Porn starlets disappearing the night before a big shoot.

Sooner or later, everyone needs the services of the pornstar detective.

PRIVATE DICK is the first story of the DIARY OF THE PORNSTAR DETECTIVE series. Its a full length story with NO CLIFFHANGER and plenty of RED HOT porn star sex.

If you want a steamy, seedy, nasty story of hot people doing bad things, then this story is for you!

PLUS get a free story – instructions inside the book!