$FREE on 8/18/2019 – The Sleepy Cheerleader by Scarlett Skyes

Stefan is a foreign exchange student who has hit the jackpot. His host family includes eighteen year old Tasha, pretty blonde cheerleader and the hottest girl in school. After Stefan discovers Tasha's secret he can't help but take advantage. One night when his host parents are out on a date he slips into the schoolgirl's room with impure thoughts on his mind… but does Tasha have a surprise for Stefan?

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Pregnant on the First Try! The Complete Series

It's the summer before college for these inexperienced brats and the men of their houses have given the easiest jobs they've ever had. All they have to do is participate in a nice, safe, clinical trial for a pharmaceutical company and they'll get paid more in a couple of months than they could earn in a year in fast food.

After a few weeks… things start getting weird. They're good girls, but now they're having depraved thoughts of men, and every time they see a pregnant woman, they're overwhelmingly jealous! They're being driven absolutely wet and wild and need relief!

When they find the truth about what they've been taking, that they are now almost certainly the most fertile women on the planet, and that the side-effects were all completely planned for they can hardly believe what they're hearing. Even more unbelievable is what their bodies are telling them, that it would be the greatest thing in the world for the men of their houses to take them hard and without protection right there before they explode with lust!

These men are almost too big and are going to make sure the first time really counts!

Pregnant on the First Try! 2

It's summer vacation and eighteen year old virgin, Madeline, has been convinced by her stepdaddy, Wyatt, to go on a camping trip instead of partying with her friends. In return he's letting her participate in a clinical trial for the company he works for and she'll get paid more in a couple of months than she could in a year at the supermarket.

Madeline barely knows what to do with herself when depraved thoughts of men and all the things she'd let them do to her start taking over her mind. An encounter with a pregnant woman deepens her confusion when she is hit by a wave of overwhelming jealousy.

There's nobody for miles around that can help her with her little problem… until Wyatt lets himself into her tent one night with a huge confession. Those aren't multi-vitamins she's been taking, she is now almost certainly the most fertile woman in the world, and he is going to take full advantage of all the side-effects of the drugs!

It's so wrong… but Madeline is beyond caring, she's even beyond caring that he's almost too big and has no intention of using any protection. Wyatt is going to make her first time count!