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$FREE on 9/21/2017 – Saving Her Bear by Michaela Carr

Never go home again.
That's what Mom said – and stay away from that Fenn boy!

How could Catherine Calhoun listen when that ‘Fenn boy' has haunted her mind – and heart – for ten years? When Catherine finds herself in trouble, it's not the town of Blackrock or the family she left behind so long ago that calls her back.

It's him. It's that Fenn boy.

The boy whose kisses are her happiest memory.

Yet, John Fenn has secrets – the kind that come with sharp claws and teeth.

Even a bit of fur couldn't lessen the magic of his kisses, but there is darkness in Blackrock – the very thing that once tore her away from her true love. Will her return be enough to save John from becoming that darkness' next victim?

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Locked Out Naked: An Exhibitionist Fantasy

Things just can't seem to get any worse for poor Carly. A night in the bath with a nice wine and a naughty book was all she wanted. Now she's somehow found herself locked out of her house, naked and trying to hide from her own neighbours! Can she manage to get back home without getting caught? Or will she give in to her growing feeling that maybe she wants to be caught? Carly's adventures in public nudity lead her through back yards, the park and eventually into the night of her life as her story reaches its explosive conclusion!