Fake Relationship

$0.99 on 6/16/2019 – Big Axe Perfect Match by Ana Slash

YEAH you heard right
Get your mind out the gutter
I have everything
Fighting fires is what I do
But there is one I desire
She should be off limits
But a fire
And whatever barriers
Might stand in our way
Will burn down
I want you Michaela
God I want you
You will be mine.

I was not looking for romance
But there he was
My Dad's firefighter best friend
Will he put out the fire on time?
Or will we have an everlasting fire between us?
Or am I playing with fire?

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$0.99 on 4/16/2019 – BIG JACK’S CURVY DREAM by Ana Slash

An Alpha Older Billionaire Rockstar and Younger BBW Romance

I am Big
Get your mind out of the gutter
I want her
Oh Olivia
You complete me
But you are off limits
I am a Rockstar
Yes I can get any one
But I desire only you
My Angel
Damn the consequences
Can I have you?
A surprise wedding
And you are mine on paper
But I want more
And what I want I get
God, I want you, Olivia

An invitation to a party
Turns into a deadline
He is a billionaire
A Rockstar
He wants an heir
But a wedding on paper
Yes it might not be real to all
But to me it is
I have to decide quick
My future depends on it
But the truth is
I want him
Will my best friend forgive me
Call me crazy
I am crazy about him
But will he feel the same?
I was not expecting to fall in love
But there he was my best friend's Dad, Jack

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$0.99 on 3/10/2019 – His Curvy Desires by Sara Hazel


I am not Kyle Madden’s type.
Or am I?
He’s a billionaire with a love of curves
and I’ve got plenty of those.
I’m his new secretary
and now also his fake fiancée
he’s using to please his mother.
But what Kyle really seems to want
is to please me.
What I have
with my new boss
appears to be anything but fake…


That’s what Lucy is.
Every curve.
Every tangled strand of red hair.
Every heartbeat.
Lucy is playing the role of my fiancée
at my family reunion — but I want more than pretend. I need forever.
I will claim Lucy as mine.
I’ve got 3 days to get this right &
I will not let my past tear us apart.

This is a standalone story in Sara Hazel's new CURVES FOR THE ALPHA series. This novella is 21,000 words long, with an HEA and no cheating.

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$0.99 on 2/8/2018 – Be Mine by Lauren Milson

Fake relationship. Real second chance.

The last time I saw Connor, I was wearing a new dress just for him.
I wanted him to see me as…
Well, I didn't know what I wanted him to see me as.
I saw him as the cute, nerdy engineer-in-training next door.
He saw me as his best friend's sister, and nothing more.
Now I'm interviewing at his billion-dollar tech firm.
I knew he would go places, but I didn't think he would look this good doing it.
But he isn't the nice guy next door anymore.
He's all man now, and his investors think his bad boy ways make him a liability.
So he gives me a different challenge:
Pretend to be his girlfriend. Help clean up his image.
We already know everything about each other, so how hard can this be?
Except there's a few things he doesn't know about me.
Starting with the fact that I never stopped wanting him.
Our contract is for one fake date, but things are about to get very real.
So how hard can this be?
Really, really hard.

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$0.99 on 6/30/2017 – Bloom by Ruthie Luhnow

“I kissed you because I thought I'd never see you again.”

It took shy dreamer Rory Fisher the entire school year to work up the courage to kiss Milo and only a minute to completely embarrass himself. But nearly ten years later, when Rory runs into Milo—handsome and mysterious and devastatingly sexy—sitting alone at a bar, Rory is determined to not run away this time. As one night together turns into two, then three, then more, Rory finds himself falling hard and fast for the wounded man he sees behind Milo's dark, brooding artist facade. Too bad Milo's made it clear he's not looking for anything serious.

“I don’t let guys stay the night. And I definitely don't let guys stay the night three weekends in a row.”

Still reeling from a bad breakup, Milo Ventura vows he won't let himself fall in love again. But there's something about Rory's frat boy exterior and his shy, sweet interior that has Milo breaking all his own rules. And when Milo finds himself pretending to be Rory's boyfriend at a wedding—and enjoying it—he knows he's in big trouble. Rory wants to be with Milo, but what will happen when Rory discovers just how broken Milo really is?

“I want to love him. I just don't know if he'll let me.”

Milo cares more deeply for Rory than for anyone he's ever known. But he also knows he's damaged, skittish—and how can he trust that Rory won't hurt him like everyone else has? When Rory gets a job in California, he's not sure he dares to ask Milo to come with him. He loves Milo—but is he asking for more than Milo can give? Will their love wither on the vine, or are they brave enough to give it the chance to bloom?

Bloom is an m/m contemporary romance with second chance, fake relationship, and hurt/comfort themes, plenty of heat, and a happy ending.

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$0.99 on 4/26/2017 – Backstage: A Fake Marriage Romance by Abbey Foxx

Pretending doesn't mean it's not real

Pressed into the shadows, Ryan’s lips tight against mine, I have to convince myself that none of this is real.
When he holds me tightly, I have to hide my trembling hands.
When he kisses me along the tenderness of my neck, it takes all my strength not to moan.
And when he undresses in front of me, I have to pretend I’m looking away so he doesn’t see my cheeks flush red.
I have to ignore the way my heart skips a thousand beats, the way my stomach turns around and around in somersaults, that tingly sensation all over my body when he dances his fingers over my sensitive skin.
No matter how much it makes me wonder if he really is pretending, I can’t afford to lose myself in that look of pure desire that flashes across his eyes like entire universes compacting.
Even if he does the things to me I’ve never felt anyone do before, what if I’m wrong?
I can’t let myself believe this fake relationship is real, because if it isn’t, I don’t think my heart could take it.
Ryan and I have an agreement, and I’ll do anything not to lose him.
Even if it means I have to pretend I’m not falling in love.

This is the kind of stuff that sells newspapers.
On screen couple marry in sham wedding romance, only everyone thinks this is real, and we’re so good at it, I’m beginning to wonder myself.
All those looks she gives me, the way her kisses make my entire body throb with desire, the way I can’t get her out of my head for a single minute.
A million dollars of inheritance money from a dead great aunt I didn’t even know I had and now Sophia and I are married for real, and I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like if we’d done it for love and not just for money.
The best thing about this whole agreement?
We need to do everything we can to convince people this relationship is for real otherwise we don’t get a single dollar of the money, which means treating each other like husband and wife whenever anyone might be looking.
The problem is, I’m beginning to want to do that more and more behind closed doors, and as much as I want to believe it’s true, I have no idea how Sophia feels.
And then she drops a bombshell I had no idea was coming, and our cleverly constructed lie slowly begins to come unravelling apart.
Neither of us can go back to make believe now, even if we wanted to.

This full length, fake relationship, friends to lovers romance features steamy scenes a happy ever after and absolutely no cheating.

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