Gender Bending

$FREE on 1/1/2019 – Chasing the Idol: Part 1 Busty Discoveries by Farleven

It was supposed to be the find of a lifetime…

My partner, Brian, and I had tracked down an undiscovered cave full of relics in the wild jungle of Central America. That alone was going to make my career. At least until I sat on a pedestal and Brian accidentally cut himself on a strange idol. The next thing I knew, some ancient magic had turned me into a woman.

If suddenly having curves wasn’t enough, one of the local thugs had followed us to the cave, and held us at gunpoint while he looted the room. Now, my only chance to change back is to track down that idol and figure out how it works. So we’re stuck in the woods, and I am quickly figuring out that my new body came with new desires, and Brian is looking disturbingly attractive. By the time we escape the jungle, will I be able to resist the power of lust?

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