$FREE on 9/16/2023 – Teaching Straight Sienna by Luna Fury

Sienna’s back in Amanda’s bed, back in her arms, and it’s glorious. The best Amanda's ever had it. She’s falling head-over-heals for her best friend.

But it could all end so easily. Everyone in Sienna’s life thinks she straight, everyone expects that from her. No one knows about her and Amanda, and it would cause so many problems for Sienna if she came out, it could destroy her life. The simplest thing Sienna could do is to forget Amanda, would be to stay with her boyfriend, to conform to what her friends and family want from her.

Amanda can’t let that happen. She needs to make Sienna’s hers. Amanda has to open Sienna up, she has to delve into her sexuality like no one else ever has, she has to give Sienna the kind of pleasure in bed that no one else ever could. Amanda has to find out what really makes Sienna tick, what really gets her off, if she's going to claim Sienna.

And Amanda knows one perfect way to do that. One lewd, wicked, delightful way to get into Sienna’s head, to get her to drop her guard, to lower her inhibitions. To give her a gift, forever, that will always remind Sienna of her. Amanda’s going to teach Sienna to….

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