Hard Sex

$0.99 on 7/7/2019 – Captured: Dom & Curvy Peril Romance by Q. Zayne

Dirty Dom and curvy heroine Romantic Suspense novel for adults 18+.
Denying her burning fantasies is not an option, but passion spells danger for the orphaned archaeology student. It’s not easy to detest a man who saves your life. Resisting him when he makes her claw the earth—impossible.

But she’s not sure she can trust him. Huge men with guns have chased her since she crashed with the maddening pilot.
Safe for the moment, she’s alone in a cave with his tattooed, muscular body—and all his secrets.

Rachel will do anything to save her sister. Even submit to dark, rough acts. And call the arrogant bastard Master.
Damn him.
“Incredibly dark story is truly sinful, dangerous, thrilling, sexy, and a dark delicious treat to read!” —CeCe on Stranded: Star Skull Duet 1
130 pages. No cheating, no cliffhanger. Enjoy!

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$0.99 on 8/25/2018 – Recluse by Quin Zayne

A kinky billionaire, a saucy baker, danger, and scorching heat.
Raphael Ogden has secrets, a lot of rope, and plans for Bess.
He looks like a big, rough cowboy, but he's something else, and he carries hidden wounds from his service. A curvy woman who isn't easy to get brings out his aggressive side.
Recluse is a standalone novel.

The Author / Publisher advised that this title was available for $0.99 (or local equivalent), discounted from $3.99 on 8/25/2018 at the following retailers:

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Stepbrothers Unlimited: A Ten Book Stepbrother Romance Collection 1

This special Romance Collection will only be available for a limited time, so act now while it lasts. Get 10 books for less than the price of 1 or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Featuring Stepbrother Romance of all flavors… from cocky, arrogant, tattooed bad boys to fighters and billionaires! This bundle has something for everyone at an unbeatable price.

Filled with a variety of those titillating, steamy situations that we all love and lots and lots of happy endings!

Kira Ward – Stranded
Teagan Kade – Burned
Arabella Abbing – Hurricane
Emilia Green – Stepbrother Undefeated
Kristianna Sawyer – Revenge
Savannah May – Club Illicit
R. Nutt – Stepbrother Tease
Stephanie Brother – Fierced
Holly Stone – Throttle
Jo Henley – Stepbrother Persistence

DEVIL: A Stepbrother Romance

They call me “The Wrecker”. Not just for the bodies that I'm wrecking on the football field, but for p***y that I wreck in the bedroom.

It wasn't always this way. A little more than 2 years ago, I was just your average guy but then I got into fatal car accident with a drunk driver. The doctors had pronounced me dead, but just as I was walking towards the white light, I was offered a deal by The Devil himself. He'd let me live and make all my wildest dreams come true.

The one caveat? I'd have to break the heart of every single girl that would ever fall for me.

It sounded easy enough at the time, but then Annie grew up, and damn… she's perfect.

My stepbrother has changed.

When he got out of the hospital, he got ripped–I mean really ripped. Now he's grown cocky, arrogant, and he has all these new tattoos. I never noticed him before, but he's grown into the hottest guy I've ever seen. It's too bad he treats every woman like they're just a piece of meat.

I hate that he's my stepbrother, but worst of all… I think I'm falling for him.