Haylee Delane

The Playboy’s Convenient Bride

The worst thing they could do was fall in love.

An urgent engagement …

Billionaire playboy Garrett Sutherland needs a fake fiancée fast. If he doesn't pretend to mend his womanizing ways, his grandfather will block him from running the family corporation.

Garrett's college tutor, Astrid Cooper, is the perfect choice. Astrid’s smart, ladylike, and honest, but her crappy car just broke down and her mom’s house is facing foreclosure.

A reluctant pairing …

When Garrett’s grandfather announces their wedding, the faux couple are compelled to go through with it. The heat between them could melt an iceberg, but both of them fight the attraction — Garrett doesn't want to be tied down, and Astrid doesn't want a husband who can't be faithful.

A minefield of emotion

Once they're on their honeymoon, they can't hold out anymore … but when tender feelings mix with the mind-blowing sex, they're in the danger zone. Can Garrett truly change? And when his playboy ways come back to haunt him, can Astrid forgive him?


My trip to Brazil … and the irresistible, tattooed fighter I met there … were just a quick break from reality. Now it’s time to focus on my residency and my career as a doctor.

Except my vacation fling turns out to be my stepbrother — the son that my new stepfather never knew he had. And my life is going off the rails.
How can a man who’s a total player, who never had a father, help me deal with what he’s left inside me?

Everything is chaos, but there’s one thing I’m sure of: I want Crash more with every day that passes.

Maybe I haven’t always had the easiest life. And yeah, maybe there are things I wish I’d done differently.
But you can’t change the past.
The future’s what matters — and with Harper, I have a chance at something real.

I want to man up, step up, and do the right thing. But how can I when she won’t even admit the truth?