$0.99 on 8/28/2016 – Submissive Professors, Collared and Craving It by Sasha Rich

After a chance encounter sparks her curiosity, college senior Cassandra Crane discovers the meaning behind the strange collar worn by her favorite professor, Victoria Lovelace. She's shocked to learn the very proper professor is really an owned submissive, one who enjoys being bound and dominated.
When Cassandra is asked by Lovelace's owner, hunky college jock Kevin Cross, if she wants to experiment with bondage and submission, she eagerly agrees. Her kinky desires awakened, Cassandra experiences pain and pleasure together for the first time with Lovelace and Kevin's other pet, Professor Penelope Henstridge.
Presented to the voracious audience at the secretive Club Odalisque, Cassandra discovers a passion for being bound, spanked and humiliated. But will she receive the explosive release she craves, or will Cassandra push herself to endure too much too soon?

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$0.99 on 6/9/2016 – Submissive Professor, Dominated and Needing It by Sasha Rich

“I had to know her secret, because it was my secret too.”

Proper and demure Professor Penelope Henstridge has discovered a mystery: her colleague, Victoria Lovelace, has been acting differently lately. Penelope's curiosity is overwhelming, so when an opportunity arises to learn the truth, she follows Lovelace to the seedy part of town. There she makes a startling discovery: Lovelace leads a double life, one that involves humiliation, subservience and domination at the hands of gorgeous, wealthy alpha males in a secret, kinky, underground sex club.

Penelope's investigation leads to an even more shocking revelation: everything she sees turns her on, and she wants to dive in just as deeply. Doing so will mean submitting to Kevin Cross, the same hunky college jock who introduced Lovelace to the scene. He's no stranger to teaching his teachers about finding satisfaction in exciting new ways, blurring the line between pain and pleasure.

Penelope's awoken desires will be explored in a steamy night of erotic carnal fulfillment in this scorching hot standalone story!

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