lactation erotica

$FREE on 1/31/2018 – The Demon Made Her Do It: The Mad Scientist by Charlene Hunt

The pursuit of pure science leads to some very strange places…

Lacey falls under the care of a solicitous doctor, who is intrigued by his patient's extreme responsiveness and potential for a surprising transformation. Little does the good doctor know that it is all thanks to Lacey's service to the sex demon Stygos, whose invisible touch keeps her in a constant state of arousal.

Soon Lacey agrees to become an experimental subject in the doctor’s private basement laboratory, where she'll face her most unusual challenge yet. As she reaches greater and greater heights of ecstasy under the doctor's care, she learns that her experimental transformation will also nourish a swarm of thirsty demon imps beholden to her master. These creatures may be small in stature, but they are large where it counts. Can their fiendish appetites help Lacey achieve the release she so desperately needs?

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