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$0.99 on 2/6/2019 – Gold Star by Lana Love

I'm that actor. The one with the famous gold statue and a bad reputation. You know who I am — the paparazzi make sure of it.

For the first time in a long time, I meet a woman who’s not impressed with my fame. Hell, she doesn’t even know who I am.

After I nearly kill my career with some bad performances, Kate sparks the magic I thought I’d lost and inspires me to perform like I never have before.

She’s not one for settling down, but the more I’m around her and exploring her delicious body, the faster and harder I fall for her.

Her living with me was supposed to be a temporary favor for a friend, but making this a permanent arrangement is more important than winning another gold statue.

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$0.99 on 12/5/2016 – Real Love by Harper Logan

“Could I really kiss another guy? Even if it was all just pretend?”

Tom has poured his heart and soul into his dream of becoming a respected actor. Even after being bullied over his passion for theatre, he’s never given up. All his sacrifice is about to pay off when he’s offered his first leading role—but there’s one catch: it’s the lead in the gay romance movie Real Love. Tom’s never so much as looked at another man, and he can’t help but feel intimidated at the prospect of faking intimacy with a guy. Especially when he finds out who the other star is…

“Justin Black is the last man on earth anyone expects to see in a gay romance movie.”

Heartthrob Justin Black is known for his chiseled abs, cheesy movies, and flings with actresses—not for his acting talent. But the dates are all fake and sometimes he feels his entire life is just a publicity stunt. The only real relationship in his life is the one he has with Cleo—his rescue kitten. Justin wants to create a film that will make the world a better place. But when he signs up to star in a gay romance movie to raise awareness for equality, he faces resistance from his publicist, his agent, and even his own family. And to top it off, his co-star Tom seems to hate him. When the two decide to work out their scenes with some private rehearsals, their relationship only grows more complicated.

“The kiss was supposed to be practice, but it felt real.”

As friendship grows between them, it starts to seem like it could be something more. But with pressure from the public, and their own insecurities to work past, their relationship encounters one challenge after the next. Can Justin and Tom work through it all to create their own happily ever after?

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“Every bad boy wants a good girl who will be bad just for him.”

Wealthy up-and-coming actor Nathan Waite excels at being bad. With a passion so intense it makes me melt, he shows me things I never knew I needed, things I would have been too afraid to ask for even if I'd known exactly what I wanted.

Nathan has only two rules

1. Have sex anytime, any place, anywhere
2. Don’t get caught (at least, not when it matters)

Simple, right?

No, not simple. Not when I love him so much, I'm willing to do anything to please him in the heat of the moment. Not when we get caught and capture the attention of the gutter press.