New Zealand

$FREE on 10/9/2018 – Dragon’s Successor: Lords of the Dragon Islands Book 4 by Isadora Montrose

Arrogant billionaire dragon lord transforms an innocent geek into a smoking hot dragoness. Luscious dragoness blows heartless alpha male off and departs with his secret baby.

How can dominant, possessive dragon Roland Voros redeem himself and prove he’s worthy of BBW Kayla’s heart? Will a forced marriage gain him access to her love as well as her body?

How will this down-to-earth bombshell teach red hot dragon shifter Roland that money can’t buy love or her son?

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$0.99 on 11/8/2017 – Touched (Thornton Brothers Book 1) by Sabre Rose

– Lauren –

Instead of walking down the aisle, I was starting over.
New home. New job. New life.
Blocked memories.
There was no choice.

But I wasn't expecting him.

Gabe was nothing more than a fantasy. Young. Irresponsible. Charming.
I wasn't looking for anything, too busy licking my wounds.
Nothing could happen. Nothing should happen.

But it did . . .

– Gabe –

After spinning out of control, I was determined to make it on my own.
My money. My terms. My life.
No family. It was the only way to be free.

Then she appeared.

Lauren was a point to prove. A challenge. I was supposed to feel nothing.
But when I took her in my arms, I couldn't help it. It was fate. I fell.

Then he came back . . .

The Thornton Brothers Series follows Lauren Greer and her entanglement with two of the Thornton men, pitting brother against brother. In book one, Lauren meets Gabe, the youngest of the brothers.

The Author / Publisher advised that this title was available for $0.99 (or local equivalent), discounted from $2.99 on 11/8/2017 at the following retailers:

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Bear Marked

A botched Bear Force undercover op has left Romer Sachs-Severin shattered. His inner bear is enraged and wounded, his memory missing huge chunks. Even worse, crippling flashbacks have made him unfit for duty until he recovers. The one bright spot in his dark days is serving as his brother Ranger's best man.

Jessa Wickstead has returned to New Zealand from the Chinese bear sanctuary where she volunteers as a veterinary nurse to be her best friend Ada's maid of honor. She's shocked to realize that Romer is the man she fell for, hard, after a single night of passion—and devastated when he acts as though they've never met.

Romer's bear insists that the curvy redhead is his mate. When Jessa learns about Romer's injuries, she gives him another chance, and soon they're sparking enough heat to melt an iceberg. But then Jessa and Romer both make shocking discoveries that jeopardize their relationship once more. Can they fit together the pieces of their past in time to save their future?

Bear Trapped

Ada Hastings isn't looking for love, just a peaceful vacation on the Coromandel Peninsula, away from the stress of deadlines and an editor who measures the value of writing talent in sexual favours. Coming across a bear bathing under a waterfall while hiking in remote bush, she wishes she’d packed an assault rifle instead of sunscreen.

Everyone knows bears don’t exist outside of zoos in New Zealand, so shit just got scary.

Ranger Sachs-Severin runs a successful hedge fund while being a hands-on member of Bear Force Special Ops, a group of shapeshifters combatting bear abuse worldwide. While unwinding from the stress of a Bear Force mission by having a shower under his favourite waterfall, he discovers a woman watching him from the track above. His morning has just improved immensely.

When the tall, curvy woman literally falls at his feet, Ranger discovers she’s the mate he didn't know he was looking for, and there’s enough chemistry between them to give a mad professor performance envy. However, a perfect day of sun, surf, and sex is shattered by one phone call, when Ranger is asked to break a promise that will mean losing Ada forever.