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$0.99 on 4/16/2019 – Taboo Lust: A Bundle by Nadia Nightside

Sometimes all we want is what we can’t have. And we especially want what we can’t have when it’s right in our homes. Nothing makes us hotter than imagining hot-bodied babes becoming the eager, needy property of alpha male hunks they’ve known ALL their lives. In these TWENTY hot stories, those taboo fantasies come to life. Hot, hung alpha studs with bodies forged from hard steel never take “no” for an answer from their gorgeous household babes. And these brilliant studs don’t just stop at taking what and who they want. Their virile seed needs hot release, needs to be emptied into the fertile bodies of their beautiful chosen mates without protection and DEFINITELY making a baby on the way. This FORBIDDEN bundle features hot action from every angle—young and old, multiple men, and so much more!

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$2.99 on 9/22/2017 – Kinky As Sin by Nadia Nightside

What gets your rocks off? Is it the tight, hot thrill for that forbidden member of your household and their rocking body? Is it the need to utterly control the person of your dreams—from their thoughts right down to the way they look? Is it the thought that a mass lovefest full of creamy, sticky goodness and overflowing cups might happen at any time? Whatever the kink, Nadia Nightside has you covered with this bundle. Beautiful, busty babes drop to their knees before all-conquering alpha males so strong and virile they make wild animals look like tame kittens. Women that aren’t beautiful, gorgeous, fertility goddesses quickly become them (and sometimes, the men do too!) and beg to give heirs to their stud-hunk Gods, and hot, sneaky, forbidden magics make all kinds of couplings happen—including the kind with hunks and beauties who have known each other their whole lives!

The Author / Publisher advised that this title was available for $2.99 (or local equivalent), discounted from $9.99 on 9/22/2017 at the following retailers. These links may use our affiliate tag with Amazon and other retailers and as such may earn us commissions on qualifying purchases.

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DEVIL: A Stepbrother Romance

They call me “The Wrecker”. Not just for the bodies that I'm wrecking on the football field, but for p***y that I wreck in the bedroom.

It wasn't always this way. A little more than 2 years ago, I was just your average guy but then I got into fatal car accident with a drunk driver. The doctors had pronounced me dead, but just as I was walking towards the white light, I was offered a deal by The Devil himself. He'd let me live and make all my wildest dreams come true.

The one caveat? I'd have to break the heart of every single girl that would ever fall for me.

It sounded easy enough at the time, but then Annie grew up, and damn… she's perfect.

My stepbrother has changed.

When he got out of the hospital, he got ripped–I mean really ripped. Now he's grown cocky, arrogant, and he has all these new tattoos. I never noticed him before, but he's grown into the hottest guy I've ever seen. It's too bad he treats every woman like they're just a piece of meat.

I hate that he's my stepbrother, but worst of all… I think I'm falling for him.

Debutante Night With the Billionaire Step

A Taboo Special Occasion

When fresh, curvy entrepreneur Jacline decides to open a cupcake bakery, she needs the backing of her billionaire step to make her dream a reality. Only her step, the boy she grew up with, is a traditional alpha male who wants Jacline to settle down.

“I'm nineteen, Tobin. I’m not thinking about settling down.”
“I had other plans for you, Jacline.”

Tobin agrees to finance the storefront on one condition- Jacline must let him take her for the first time while she is fertile, hard, fast and without protection.

“I want something in return. I’ve waited long enough.”

This is a 7K+ steamy erotic short story featuring a billionaire alpha male and his curvy, innocent brat. Standalone, no cliffhanger, female POV. Part of the Taboo Special Occasions Series.

Little Wet Brat

I know I should never have borrowed the car without asking. All my life I've been such a perfect princess, even after I started college. I've never done anything really naughty.

Until now!

She's soaking wet and home alone with the new man of the house as she washes his car in high heels and not much else.

He said he wouldn't tell on her if she did something for him.

He didn't tell her that ‘something' meant taking her for the first time, hard, outdoors and without protection.

What happens next is too hot, illicit and taboo to reveal here, so click on the “Look Inside” to read more …

*** Warning – this book contains first time, taboo erotic scenes and is suitable for adults (18+) only ***

Her Man In The Step

“So punish me,” I dared…

Man of the House Johnny and innocent Brat, Kim, hatch a hasty plan to give the woman they both love the bundle of joy she deserves but can't have.

Keen to release her fertile body to him and feeling broody, Kim sneaks into his room at night, surprising and waking experienced Johnny in his bed. He has no option but to have her in a saucy, forbidden bout of taboo love that is by no means gentle, seeing her taken hard, and without protection by his burgeoning equipment as he gives her the alpha male treatment that she so desperately desires!

Two Steps At A Time 2

Indulge in a sordid tail of threesome, forbidden fertile lust.

College freshman Kendra is yearning to be shown the meaning of being a woman.

On a camping trip with the two boys she grew up with and their friend, Kendra begs to for them to bareback her rough for the first time while she is fertile. She learns how to handle three strong appetites at one time while finally indulging in the fantasy she has had for years. Will the test show positive and to which boy does her new heir belong to?

This is a 5K+ short erotic story filled with steamy oral, first time sex between a fertile woman and three hot guys. A standalone, no cliffhanger, part of the Taboo College Tail series.