$0.99 on 9/15/2018 – Donna Needs a Drink by Huck Pilgrim

Donna has just gotten over her breakup. She goes to a party to relax, enjoy herself. But then her former boyfriend shows up and ruins everything. And thus her complicated relationship with alcohol begins.

Donna isn't an immoral girl, but sometimes when she drinks, things get out of hand. She doesn't always remember everything that happens to her. Maybe it's better if she doesn't remember it all? This night, she meets another guy, a guy who becomes her hero. He gets her a few drinks. She just wants what all of us want — care, comfort, acceptance, a reprieve from heartbreak.

This is the story of Donna's night of drunken revelry.

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$0.99 on 8/31/2016 – A Cautious Heart by Genevieve Matthews

He’s running from his past. She’s running for her life.

Bree is tired of being afraid. She’s ready to tuck away the ugliness of her past and start fresh, and the charming little town up the coast is the perfect place to stage a comeback. The last thing on her mind is finding a man. Until she sets eyes on Heath, the bouncer with a protective streak who finally makes her feel safe.

Heath can’t get past the one bad decision that almost ruined him. He’s a man looking for a purpose, and he finds it when fragile Bree walks into his life with her shy smile, warm heart, and perfect curves. The reformed bad boy isn’t going to let this chance at redemption pass him by.

Bree and Heath are more perfect for each other than they know. But can you ever really be free of the choices you’ve made? Will they be able to outrun their pasts and fine happiness together?

A Cautious Heart is a standalone romance. No cliffhangers, no cheating. Just lots of steamy encounters and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

The Author / Publisher advised that this title was available for $0.99 (or local equivalent), discounted from $2.99 on 8/31/2016 at the following retailers:

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The night he appeared at my side to defend me, I was enthralled by the perfect man. Golden. Mysterious. Stunning.
Cruz is a loaded missile
His heat seeks me out
Then he was gone. Leaving me with nothing but questions.
I can’t stop asking why. Because I can’t get him out of my head.
Can a man change like a chameleon? Or is he running from power too explosive?

I do not do this. Ever.
One night with the girl with no name was the closest I’ve ever come to peace. I crave her sweet sass with a searing hunger but it has to stop.
If she knew the man inside she'd never come back.