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5 on 1: Latina Heat

The Amazon #1 Best Seller story continues with 5 on 1: Latina Heat.

Maria is an innocent, nerdy Latina student who tutors the charismatic, dominant, black quarterback Jimmy.

Sparks emerge between them until Jimmy’s teammates catch Maria’s friend Brandy spying on them. Jimmy is convinced that Maria is running a blackmail scam.

How far will Maria go to convince Jimmy that her intentions are pure? What happens when she must convince his teammates too?

What will she do when Brandy joins in?

It’s 5 on 1 (or 6 on 1) black, white, and brown action in this hot, steamy ebook!

Foreign Exchange 5 on 1: A Typical American Girl

Petite, untouched Chinese flower May Lin wants to be a typical American girl. She’s worked hard, learned to speak proper English, and moved from Beijing to a small town in the United States.

When the black-skinned, dominant, muscular, basketball team captain Dre asks her to come to a party, she’s surprised and elated.

Even though her mother always warned her about those sexual maniacs with their monstrous appendages, May Lin says yes!

She doesn't realize Dre meant a party with her and the rest of the basketball team—including the 7-foot tall Hoss, who could stretch even a normal sized girl. What about the May Lin and her tight little body?

With five black American giants around her, almost choking her their masculine musk, she’s unable to say no.

May Lin does whatever Dre tells her.