$FREE on 1/11/2021 – Two Times the Mountain Men by Terry Towers

Writer’s block. A critical deadline. A blizzard and a couple of dangerous escaped fugitives on the loose. What else could go wrong?

Try being forcibly removed from my rental cabin by a couple of mouth-droppingly sexy men from the ranger patrol, insisting it was for my own good. Own-good my ass! I had work to do and they were seriously messing with my timeline. I could handle myself, thank you very much.

However, what I felt to be an outrageous violation of my rights seems to be turning into just what I may have needed when the three of us become snowed in and we only have each other to keep ourselves entertained, spiking the creative juices in me to an all-time high.

The problem is that our situation is only temporary, and they’ve been very clear they’re not into the whole relationship thing. I just need to keep emotions out of it and use them for inspiration—sadly that’s easier said than done…

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Survival: A Military Stepbrother Romance

“The only relief I had was that, if I was going to die, I was going to die in your arms.”

After a hectic month, I was at my wit's end and in need of a change of scenery. 

With his irresistible smile and charm, my Army Ranger Stepbrother, Wes, convinces me to go backwoods camping with him to take my mind off things. I don't know why I agreed, after all, my idea of roughing it up was a Holiday Inn that only changed the sheets every other day.

But what was intended to be a getaway to clear my head, turns out to be a series of events that lead Wes and I to learn our true feelings for one another and a fight for our survival!