$FREE on 7/5/2018 – Unwrap Me: A Steamy Taboo Bundle by Adriana Brat

Anna is home for the holidays but this time is going to be different. The man she's been obsessed over is coming too. The only problem is they haven't exactly met yet. But this Christmas will bring them together in more ways than one.

Mason didn't want to come home for the holidays. He never cared for Christmas. Everything is about to change and now he'll never want to leave.

Get that mistletoe out because there's going to be a lot of insta-love. Warm up next to the fire but don't get too close because this one's going to be hot.

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$FREE on 11/13/2017 – Step Love by Raya Black 1

Forbidden looks…
Secret touches…

This three-story bundle offers up scintillating tales of taboo love and lust. These taboo tales will leave you feeling naughty and nasty and wanting more! Everything from first times to forbidden times! Click inside for all the steaming hot details! Stories include:
Sibling Love
Emily's First Exam

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$0.99 on 7/19/2016 – His Massive F*ing Point of View by Sharon Love

Look through His Eyes With Every Thrust!

Fifteen Sexy Stories of Hung Men and their Conquests.
Long Unprotected Title List
Stripping A Busty Brat
Cursing Loud Innocent
Forcing Her Confession
Marking a Willing Brat
Roughing Her Curious
Punishing A Raw Brat
Seeding A Forbidden Brat
Mastering Her Hard
Creaming Her Quick
Bossing A Spoiled Brat
Awakening A Bushed Brat
Stretching Her Curves

Don’t Miss these Three Stories from Alexa Lynch
Public Display With My Step
Brat Scores Extra Credit With Coach
What Happens On Venus . . .

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$0.99 on 5/10/2016 – Naughty Holiday Shorts the Bundle by Alexa Lynch

January 1st to December 31st naughty urges tempt coeds, bbws, brats, steps, men of the house, and lucky, nerdy, hard and hung guys.
Give in to your temptations and celebrate all your favorite months with one special Holiday bundle.There’s something to please everyone here!
Don’t stop at December! At the end there’s a naughty birthday short and a special once in a century holiday bonus too satisfying to be left out!

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Stepping it Up: Roll in the Hay

Jane has always loved her life on the ranch, but has been seriously considering leaving to attend college. However, when she agrees to help her best friend, Jacki, seduce the man she grew up with, her entire life takes an unexpected twist. Things will never be the same for any of them!

A fun and tantalizing romp on the farm, Stepping it Up: Roll in the Hay is sure to enchant and delight.

Steamy adult content.

This Time, Baby (First Time With My Stepbrother)

Audrey is a horrible c0cktease. Well, that’s not really true. Actually, she’s very good at it. Sometimes too good.

And for some reason, she loves teasing her sexy, well-built stepbrother, Jared, more than anyone else.

Maybe it’s because he makes her so damned hot it’s hard to find a clean pair of panties anywhere at the end of a week.

Maybe it’s because he responds to her teasing with a carefully restrained kind of lust that gives her a heady sense of power.

Maybe it’s because Jared is the only one who’s ever made her feel out of control, not in charge of her own feelings, let alone her own body.

And in spite of her constant insistence that it will be, “this time, baby,” she can’t seem to let him take her all the way.

Until Jared gets tired of waiting. And decides to take what they both really want.

Stepbrother Studs: Mason

Angeline has a confession to make. She’s broken.

When she tells her friends, Heather and Farley, that she’s never been with a man who could take her body to the places it’s desperate to go—and alone, her singular pleasure is wholly unsatisfying—they decide to get her drunk one night to see if they can solve her problem.

But it’s no use. She’s sure she’s broken, unfixable. Damaged goods.

When she passes out, drunk, car still running in the garage, she doesn’t care if she ever wakes up again.

And then she opens her eyes to find that her arrogant, asshat stepbrother, Mason, has not only seen her at her lowest, he’s humiliated her even further by restraining her after her drunken, half-hearted suicide attempt.

Her handsome, older stepbrother has always been secretive about his basement lair, and now she knows why. Mason isn’t just confident, cocky, a self-proclaimed Master of the Universe—he’s Master of much more than that.

Mason is a Dom. And he’s sure he can prove to her that she’s not broken.

Baby Love (First Time With My Stepbrother)

Innocent Clarice tries so hard to be a good girl, but the world is filled with temptations of the flesh, especially when they involve her older, sexy, stepbrother Miles.

The summer their parents go to Europe proves too much for the pair, who almost give in to the ultimate sin and pay the ultimate price.

Clarice doesn’t trust herself around Miles and decides to wash herself clean by entering a convent and becoming a nun, assuming a new life and a new name. But the memories of “Sister Sarah’s” sin with her stepbrother won’t be washed away so easily…

When a crisis of faith drives Clarice to the big city, she finally confesses her lust-filled secret to her ambitious, worldly stepbrother, who she discovers is more than willing to plow her fallow, fertile ground and give her everything she’s been dreaming of for years.

Together, they know they can’t recapture the innocence of Eden, but they just may find a heaven right here on Earth

Baby’s Big Night (First Time With My Stepbrother)

Back in high school, Betsy’s date to senior prom decided he didn’t want to go with a curvy girl, and she’s never forgotten it.

Now a high school teacher, Betsy jumps at the chance to chaperone the prom—she’s determined to dress up and have a great time.

She’s both surprised and pleased when her handsome, older, rugby-playing stepbrother, Mitch, offers to be her “date” to “prom.”

Betsy’s best friend, Vanessa, is sure that Mitch has a “thing” for thick girls, and thinks his BBW stepsister is just his type.

It’s true that innocent Betsy has been saving herself for the right man to make a family with, and it appears he’s just shown up in a tux and a limo, determined to make it the best night of her life.

The only problem is—he’s her stepbrother.

Bundle Of Shame: 5 Taboo Desires

Welcome to Bundle Of Shame, five juicy stories from the popular Shame On series by Lenore Love, for just one low price! Suzie, Sissy, Samantha, Sadie, and Sarah indulge their wildest fantasies — and yours — with reckless, uninhibited abandon. Mother/son, daddy/daughter, brother/sister, and mother/daughter — two-, three-, and four-way encounters featuring anal/oral, DP, dubcon, rough sex, barely legal, creampie, and everything in between. Get ready for some of the wettest, messiest sex you'll ever read!