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$0.99 on 7/23/2019 – Billionaire Oil Bearons: A Bear Fursuits Box Set by Isadora Montrose

Five alpha males in hot fursuit of curvy soulmates.
From the Cascades to the prairies of Colorado, the possessive Billionaire Oil Bearons will win your hearts as they pursue their feisty fated mates…

Bear Skin: Will Zeke’s billions persuade his curvy angel to take a chance on a surly, wounded warrior?

Bear Pause: Laura will lose the ranch she’s spent ten years running, unless she rustles up a husband and child. Is her burly new stable hand the right bear for the job?

Bear Sin: A shotgun marriage, cubs on the way, and a missing bride will force sophisticated Patrick’s bear out of hiding.

Bear Fate: Two alpha males contend for she-bear Amber’s heart. Will she chose a rich bearon or a wound?

Snowed in with the Bear: BBW Amanda never expected desire to come knocking in the shape of a younger man. Especially not a black bear who waxes his chest.

Adventure, steam, and humor blend into romantic stories that will keep you reading way past bedtime. Binge read them all tonight.

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$FREE on 2/27/2019 – Desired by the Dragon: Mystic Bay Book 1 by Isadora Montrose

Billionaire dragon lusts for fairy princess.
Fairy Moira Fairchild has started a new business in her hometown of Mystic Bay, Oregon. Dragon shifter Quinn has quit his job in the family investment firm and comes to the island of West Haven to paint full-time. Curvy Moira is the only thing that can distract him from his art.
But on West Haven, it’s against the unspoken rules for the Fae to marry shifters. The best Quinn can hope for is an affair with this lovely fairy. But with fairy-godmother Robin Fairchild and weather worker Sully playing matchmaker again, sparks are bound to fly.
Quinn risks the wrath of the powerful sensitives on the Mystic Bay Town Council to pursue this intriguing BBW. Moira is drawn to alpha male Quinn, but isn’t keen on becoming a twenty-foot reptile. How can they both avoid the heartache that seems inevitable? And what about Quinn’s hoard of naked fairy pictures…

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Kynan Gattesky has never thought he would fall for a human woman. His family has warned him – werepanthers and other creatures do not mix well. But Elysa is not someone he can get out of his mind easily. Every time he's around her, his common sense flies out the window. And when her life is jeopardized by a series of unfortunate poor decisions, he must rescue her, at all costs.

Bear Trapped

Ada Hastings isn't looking for love, just a peaceful vacation on the Coromandel Peninsula, away from the stress of deadlines and an editor who measures the value of writing talent in sexual favours. Coming across a bear bathing under a waterfall while hiking in remote bush, she wishes she’d packed an assault rifle instead of sunscreen.

Everyone knows bears don’t exist outside of zoos in New Zealand, so shit just got scary.

Ranger Sachs-Severin runs a successful hedge fund while being a hands-on member of Bear Force Special Ops, a group of shapeshifters combatting bear abuse worldwide. While unwinding from the stress of a Bear Force mission by having a shower under his favourite waterfall, he discovers a woman watching him from the track above. His morning has just improved immensely.

When the tall, curvy woman literally falls at his feet, Ranger discovers she’s the mate he didn't know he was looking for, and there’s enough chemistry between them to give a mad professor performance envy. However, a perfect day of sun, surf, and sex is shattered by one phone call, when Ranger is asked to break a promise that will mean losing Ada forever.