$0.99 on 10/2/2016 – The Kinky Inventor Extreme BDSM Bundle by Sasha Rich

Sweet and diligent on the outside, filthy and submissive on the inside, college student Rebecca has a secret job: product tester for the kinky inventions of Harry Ellis, the handsome, sophisticated designer. Whenever he invents something new, she's the first person he calls.

Rebecca is compensated for her time in both cash and sexual favors, because getting paid is nice, but nothing compares to being tied up, used and dominated by an alpha male like Harry. She lusts for the kind of carnal ecstasy only Harry and his devious designs can create. Fortunately for her, she inspires him to devise greater and greater toys of pain, restraint and pleasure.

This bundle collects the first three stories in the 9-part series: “The Kinky Inventor's Favorite Pet,” “The Kinky Inventor Cages His Pet” and “The Kinky Inventor's Punishment Game.”

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$0.99 on 7/1/2016 – The Kinky Inventor Cages His Pet by Sasha Rich

Seemingly sweet and innocent, secretly lustful and kinky, college senior Rebecca is always happy to get call from Harry, the handsome, debonair inventor of devices as cruel as they are clever. Submitting to his devious designs is the only source of pleasure that truly fulfills her desires, but she wants more: her feelings for him are more than just sexual, and can't be ignored.

Their work arrangement requires he give her what she loves best – bondage, domination and torment – as payment for her services, but when Rebecca requests he also take her on a real date, Harry is happy to oblige. He never passes up a chance to surprise her, titillate her and bring her to ecstasy in new ways, and tonight is no different.

When the time comes to experience his newest invention, however, Rebecca will learn the feeling of total restraint in a way she's never imagined. Enduring the grasp of his punishing invention will leave her aching for sweet release in this scorching hot erotic tale!

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